Winnebago Revel Leveling App With Audible Level Alerts and GPS Alarm

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May 2, 2023:  Version 5.0 of RevelLevel, for iOS, has been released.  This version has the ability to record custom 3 second audio clips which can be used for the level and not-level notifications.


RevelLevel is a leveling app for the Winnebago Revel, and all 144 inch wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter vans and RVs.  This app shows how much lower three tires on your van are than the highest tire, the reference tire.  These values can be used for re-parking or for choosing leveling block heights.  Leveling biases can also be entered into the app, so you can make the sink drain work better or ensure your head is higher than your feet when sleeping.

Sounds can be used to level your van with this app. You can set a level tolerance value and chose a sound pair. One sound will be played if you are out of the level tolerance range. Another sound will play if you are within the tolerance level. For example: You can choose a level tolerance of 2 inches. Then make sure the audible icon on the upper left of the main display is activated and put your phone on a flat surface. Get in the driverís seat and start moving your vehicle. The app will tell you when you are out of and within the 2 inch level tolerance limit.

The RevelLevel app also has a 'Gear Left Outside' GPS alarming feature.  If you put stuff, or plan to put stuff, outside your van ... you can use arm this alarm as a reminder in case you drive away and leave your leveling blocks, or generator, or mountain bike, etc.  Once the alarm is armed, the app will run in the background.  When the app sees that you have traveled past a selected alarm distance, it will play an audible alarm and send a local notification to the phone.

Three distances are available for the GPS alarming "geo-fence".  These distances allow you to arm the alarm and then walk around your campsite without setting the alarm off.

RevelLevel will quickly pay for itself it it means you don't drive away from your $1000 generator or a $2500 mountain bike!

RevelLevel is a standalone app.  No connection to the Internet is needed.

Note: For longer wheelbase Sprinter vans, or any other camper van or RV, the SprinterLevel app is a similar app that handles more wheelbase options.

Home View: Tire height differences from a reference tire shown.  Bubble level can be turned on or off.  Compass heading shows to help orient the van for solar panel optimization. Audible View: Choose a level tolerance and the sounds that will play when you are in, or not in, the tolerance level limit. (Optional) Calibration View: Leveling biases can be set, either manually or automatically (by placing on a flat surface).  Using a bias is optional.

Not Level

No Way





Oh Yeah



Settings View: App can be used in metric or US units mode.  Three GPS alarm distances are offered.  The GPS alarming feature can be turned off completely.  And you can test to see what an alarm generates. Examples of optional out of tolerance (left) and in tolerance (right) sounds. An example 'Gear Left Outside' alarm notification.
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